Located in Salé, this sumptuous residence which proudly bears the name of its founder, Hadj Abderrahman Sbihi Khalifa, has preserved its architectural elements and traditional design. The crossroad of refinement and inspiration welcome you.

To visit this home is to take a trip through time to discover the authenticity and refinement of the life of noble families of Salé, who have made their homes the custodians and mirrors of their secular civilization and prestigious past.

Restored and preserved in its splendor by the eldest son of Khalifa Mohamed Taib, Villa Sbihi constitutes an authentic specimen of Spanish-Moorish architecture.

Space, luxury, comfort, aesthetics and classic materials are the hallmarks of this extraordinary residence, an enchanting place worthy of a thousand-and-one nights, that will seduce the visitor and usher in a warm, oriental world.


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